The ultimate guide for Top Sport Talents. An integral approach for sporter, trainer, school and parents.

Our challenge

  • To help top sport talents aged 10-20 years on a social and socially responsible manner as optimally as possible to develop to the maximum of their ability, without sacrificing the sport experience and the fun in sports.

  • To guide top sport talents to other life interpretation, particularly when the top is found to be not feasible.

Why it is important?

        By aligning 4 perspectives we create a win-win-win-win situation:

  • Better players more opportunities in sport and society, more income, more fun
  • Better youth academies more throughput, less drop-outs, better trainers more profits, better atmosphere
  • Better schools better school performance, better reputation, more pupils, better teachers, better atmosphere
  • More stable families less problems, shared solutions, better atmosphere

What experts say

Our services


Online guidance every week

Online conference:

  • Scorecards details discussion​
  • Questions and recommandations
  • Points of attention next week


Evaluation each quarter,
half year, year

Online conference:

  • Scorecards graphics
  • Actions Plan A, B, C
  • Decisions Plan A, B, C (year)


Workshop / 3 day courses

On location: LSM Method training for

  • Player
  • Trainer
  • Teacher
  • Parents

“Champions are not made on gyms. Champions arise from what is deep in themselves : a desire, a dream, a vision. They must have the talent and the will. But the will must be stronger than the talent”. 

Mohammed Ali 
American Boxer

Our ambassadors

  • ​Jeroen Rijsdijk , Eufa soccer coach, The Netherlands

  • Niels Spelbos, educational agent, The Netherlands

  • Cees van Rootselaar, professional basketball player, The Netherlands

  • Mark Weel, specialist NOC/NSF, The Netherlands

  • ​Mark Wotte, international soccer coach, The Netherlands

  • ​Andre van der Ley, international youth academy specialist, The Netherlands

  • Sinan Güler, Güler Legacy, Turkey 
  • Sedat Donzemer, sports marketing specialist, Turkey

  • Michael Sun, sports entrepreneur, China
  • Eduardo Raupp, event manager Brazil
  • Saleh Albeidli, sports lawyer, United Arab Emirates
  • Motasem Al Dakhayel, sports project manager, Saudi Arabia

Choose for Total Sport Approach

Create a win-win situation for sporter, trainer, school and parents.