About us

Who are we?

Londen Sport Method (LSM) is an initiative born from the confluence of ideas and thoughts of a number of sports enthusiasts about the optimum development of sports talent. I translated the underlying formulas and strategies of authentic personal and corporate branding to this target group. Londen Sport Method stands for Corporate Social Responsibility.

We note that the guidance (coach, trainer, club) of youthful top sports talent focuses mainly on engineering-related elements, physical-and tactics. As a result, there is insufficient attention to the social development of sports talent. This can result in problems with the environment (family, school, friends) and guidance (trainers, coaches), which eventually can lead to unnecessary termination of the top sports career. This is also supported by various recent scientific research.​

Dick van LondenCEO Total Sport Approach

I promise to improve communication between sports academies, schools and home environment. I promise that the personal focus of the individual athlete increases and he or she gets more opportunities in the sports and social life.

Social career, social contacts, living environment and other interests are often subordinated to the elite sport. From the psychology and education has been known that a one-sided identity development as elite athlete usually is not conducive to a balanced personality development. This applies to larger extent for young athletes.

The majority of the talents will not pick up the absolute top and drop off for various reasons (drop outs).

Therefore a pedagogical development policy is required in the transition from youthful top sport talents to other life interpretation, in particular where the top turns out to be unfeasible.

Our approach

The business:

Provides football development total solutions based on extensive know-how and experiences in the world of top professional football development.

  • TSA BV will be the first brand to start with.

Marketing concept:

  • Fully utilize the brand and promotion channels
  • Fully utilize the existing cooperation relationships with local governments

Competitive advantage:

  • Top brand TSA BV in the sports industry
  • Field trainers are top trainers and new insights are filled in 24/7
  • Good relationship with international leading sports/technology firms
  • Strong R&D capabilities that constantly provides our customers with fun, and “easy to learn” contents
  • Unique and proven business model with a focus on the “coaching” concept and 360 degree of coverage

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