Integral approach

Our integral approach

The sports talent is strongly influenced by parents, brothers and sisters, but also friends, girlfriends and school play a considerable role. The sports talent will become because of the sporty excel often a popular figure, on the other hand, will the sports talent often cancel school parties because of sports. Building friendships can therefore come under pressure.

Once the sports talent visit high school the pressure is noticeably bigger. This applies both to the sports performance (yes/no basis, chance of a contract, (inter) National Championships as for the performance in school. But at least as important is that in this (adolescent) phase maintaining friendships becomes under pressure, making the sports talent socially isolated.

In this phase it is important that all concerned well maintain contact with each other. How is it going at school, how it behaves talent at home in the family and how he develops sporty? Eventually the performance affects the coherence and the social development of the sports talent. Londen Sport Method is the party that accompanies and promotes the very interdependence.


Our approach is characterised in always centering the sports talent . We propose a personal and custom-oriented approach for the talent. In this approach is specifically looked at how the sports talent with his environment (family, friends and school) and guidance (coach, trainer, club, Sports Federation) handles. The approach focuses on optimizing these relationships.

1. Intake and baseline assessment

We start with intake interviews based on baseline assessment in which can be recognised or there are factors present that support negative the development of the sports talent . The information is obtained by completing the baseline assessment scorecard by the sports talent , his trainer/coach, his parents and school (mentor). The scorecard developed by LSM leads to information in which the functioning is reviewed of the sports talent in all facets.

Based on the results of the scorecards, which translated into a chart, providing insight information about the start position of the young athlete in all perspectives. By the coach/trainer, parents and mentor to fill in also the scorecards is insightful or this image is consistent or that there is a difference of understanding or opinion.

2. TSA Development Manager

The results may give rise to the sports talent, his trainer/coach or his environment (parents/school) to a conversation with the licensee and the TSA on the weekly online meeting. In this talk is discussed whether it makes sense to decide in which level the athlete starts, which service is eligible in which perspective and how a possible trajectory there might look like.

3. Evaluation and adjustment

Progress is continuously monitored and the guidance is adjust there where necessary.

4. Our services

Study and career guidance

Elite sport requires a lot of time and attention of the athlete. School lessons are missed regularly and also foreign tournaments are the rule rather than the exception. The school results come under pressure. TSA/ licensees organise with the club and school the expertise to guide the elite athlete.