Participate with a license

To participate the Londen Sport Method (TSM) you need a license, developed by  Dick van Londen. It's a method, including various appertaining hardware and software components, for use in improving management of sport programs. The system is called The Londen Sport Method. Dick van Londen has licensed this method to the Dutch private limited liability company Total Sport Approach B.V.. Total Sport Approach B.V. (TSA) is therefore exclusively entitled to use the Londen Sport Method (LSM) and all items relating thereto. ​

How can you participate?

Agreement licensee​

  • Startingfee TSA : € 5000,00
  • Contribution to TSA first year : 40%, second year 30%; third year 20%; fourth year : 10%
  • Turnover: € 100.000,- or more : master licensee with special arrangements.

What are the benefits once you are TSA certified

  • You receive a TSA award signed by Dick van Londen CEO TSA/The Londen Sport Method
  • Your knowledge about the total sport approach is unique
  •  You can built your own –sub-licensee business
  • You built a world wide network of sports specialists
  • Your name will be listed on a registry and our global TSA website that is available for others
  • You may display the TSA designation on your business cards, stationary and marketing materials

You may use the credential to distinguish yourself in the marketplace

Payment terms clients to TSA

  • 25% start
  • 75% divided in 11 months; every 25 day of the month payment

Payment terms TSA to licensees

Agreement between TSA and licensee