Londen Sport Method


Generally the attention to the sports talent is limited to its technical, tactical and physical development. To reach the top that is not enough. A good balance between school, family, friends, trainer and coach is indispensable. The Londen Sport Method guides sports talents aged 10-20 years by structural monitoring and communicating with all perspectives to achieve their dream goal. The chances of success of the young elite athletes will increase by our approach, partly due to the attention to the social development. To create an environment where all the talents act at their proper level with pleasure to sports, we have developed different categories:

  • Plan A ( elite),
  • Plan B( club) and
  • Plan C ( amateur).

The Londen Sport Method stands for Socially Responsible Development of youthful sports talent. 

Our Mission

  • To help top sport talents aged 10-20 years on a social and socially responsible manner as optimally as possible to develop to the maximum of their ability, without sacrificing the sport experience and the fun in sports.
  • To guide top sport talents to other life interpretation, particularly when the top is found to be not feasible.

Our vision

Londen Sport Method gives shape to its mission by an independent, transparent and integrated approach, in which the sports talent always is central, but taking into account the environment (parents, friends, school) and the guidance (coach, trainer, club).

Sporttalent 'in the flow'

Londen Sport Methode is committed to bring the child in ' flow ' by her approach.

What is 'flow'

A child is in flow, if it is delicious in its skin, has fun at what it does and can exercise all facets that affect attention at the time that it is desirable, so that a balanced situation between skill and challenge. At that time it is possible to get the best out of him or herself, which promotes the use of the sports talent.​

The greatest talent of a talent is developing talent. You’ve got to chase your dreams.

Ervin 'Magic' Johnson 
NBA basketball