The Londen Sport Method & Fast Sport Fusion

Tiel, 15 juni 2018

The Londen Sport Method is involved in Fast Sport Fusion. Watch the video.

The Londen Sport Method launched in Turkey

Instanbul, 31 august 2015

This weekend the Londen Sport Method is launched successfully in Turkey (Istanbul). With its online total sport approach monitoring system young athletes will be followed weekly. Also the school and home situation will be shown. The players learn how they can achieve their personal goals by filling out the weekly scorecards . Also the parents , the club and the school have a structural view of the developments and can support the athlete or give advice. In a 3-day course players, trainers, parents and teachers will be prepared for this procedure. This system reduces the outflow of young athletes and increases the throughput to the senior level. It creates better school performances and more stable –sport-families.