Method Londen Sport Methode (LSM)

  1. The LSM is a system that can make individual athletes ,sports academies, schools and neighbourhoods better.
  2. That system is based on studies of Harvard PHD’s
  3. The system available for all –sport-regions in the world
  4. LSM will be supported by the best market research company in the Netherlands
  5. Ambassadors are promoting the system world wide
  6. When someone wants to work with the system, they become licensee
  7. Licensees can outsource the system to sub-licensees; in fact they are advisors who create a market of sub-licensees
  8. ( Sub)Licensees introduce the system in academies, schools , governments and sponsors
  9. When they make a turnover of 100.000 E or more they become master licensees with special arrangements
  10. Weekly there is an online meeting on Saturday to support licensees and clients.

Choose for Total Sport Approach

Create a win-win-win-win situation for sporter, trainer, school and parents.