For the parents

Parents have to deal with a child that exists under pressure. This pressure comes from trainers and coaches but can also be the result of well-meaning, but (to) fanatical parents. In addition, the high exercise intensity much stress on performing in school and social contacts with friends and girlfriends are also under pressure.

1. Transportation to and from the training facility and the associated travel costs

2. Customizing your holidays to the schedules of your child

3. School performance that can suffer from the lack of time due to the many practices and games

4. Foreign trips of your child under school time

5. Disappointed child by injuries or disappointing performance. With possible undesirable behavior due to brothers and sisters.

6. Possible drop out as a result of insufficient quality or injuries.

7. Danger to the "black hole". What now?

It is therefore important that you as parents are well and timely informed about your child's development on both sports and at school. In addition you will have to gauge how your child develops in the social field. Entering into and maintaining friendships is of great importance. Mutual understanding, acceptance, empathic and adaptability of family, friends and school is crucial.

Total  Sport Approach/licensee helps parents to provide optimal support of their child in reaching his or her personal goals through a comprehensive approach, in which the sports talent always central, but taking into account the environment and the guidance goes hand in hand with the welfare and development of the child.