Study and Career guidance for young athletes

Elite sport requires a lot of time and attention of the athlete. School lessons are missed regularly and also foreign tournaments are the rule rather than the exception. The school results come under pressure. TSA/ licensees organise with the club and school the expertise to guide the elite athlete.

There is also a time when this sports carreer also comes to an end and the time is right to look any further. But how do you go further and what will or can you do? TSA/licensee makes a list of possibilities and develop a timetable to create a good social future after or during( Plan A,B,C) the sports career.


Online guidance every week

Online conference:

  • Scorecards details discussion​
  • Questions and recommandations
  • Points of attention next week


Evaluation each quarter,
half year, year

Online conference:

  • Scorecards graphics
  • Actions Plan A, B, C
  • Decisions Plan A, B, C (year)


Workshop / 3 day courses

On location: LSM Method training for

  • Player
  • Trainer
  • Teacher
  • Parents

Choose for Total Sport Approach

Create a win-win-win-win situation for sporter, trainer, school and parents.